Local Family Business

It was 2006 that myself & Julian took over a 6 acre plot of land near Cranbrook, Kent. Julian worked the land and I used the ingredients for quiches and scotch eggs which we sold in the local farmer markets. I guess many people liked what we did and our business grew from here.

Good honest local Food

Today our ethos remains the same, to offer good honest local food either grown on our smallholding or sourced from the local Kent and East Sussex countryside.

Chef Nicci Gurr

I’ve been a chef for over 20 years. I started my career with Albert Roux of Roux Fine Dining in London. From here I worked at many restaurants in London before working on various private yachts.

Nicci was on an episode of ITV’s Country Wise Kitchen. The episode featured local producers in Kent. Nicci was filmed making a plum and polenta tart with orange scented thyme.


Country Wise Kitchen Episode
Film Credit: ITV

Sophie Theobald - Home Gurrown - Kent Wedding Planner

Sophie Theobald

Event Planner & Front of House Manager

Hi, my names Sophie and I ensure your event runs smoothly and looks great. I have planned and executed over one hundred events from beautiful country weddings to large corporate events. Planning starts the moment you book, helping you get the event you desire without the stress.

Our Cranbrook Kitchen

Our kitchen is my pride and joy. It’s quite large with a walk in fridge and freezer. Perfect for keeping all produce fresh with plenty of space during busy events.

Local Ingredients

With cooking I always start with the basics and this means finding the freshest finest local ingredients. I use ingredients grown on our smallholding but I’m also passionate about sourcing further ingredients locally.

Our Cranbrook Smallholding

Julian Gurr – Owner

I started Home Gurr’own with my wife in 2006. My job involves growing ingredients and rearing livestock for the kitchen. It’s hard work, especially in the summer months but very rewarding at the same time.


So far, we have 30 Southdown Sheep, 6 Gloucester Old Spot pigs, 4 geese and 20 chickens. All our animals have plenty of space to roam around and be happy.


Utilising organic principles, we grow many vegetables from courgettes and chard to asparagus and broad beans. Our crop also includes herbs, chilli plants, and edible flowers.

Our animals

We have very friendly Gloucester Old Spot pigs, Southdown sheep, Chickens for eggs, bees for honey and mead and 2 geese for security. We make sure they’re all looked after and have plenty of space to roam around in.

Our waiting & kitchen staff

Waiting staff

We have some wonderful staff and friends we can call upon to help us in the kitchen and to serve your food. Most of our staff have worked many of our previous weddings and events.

Our Chefs

We have some wonderful staff and friends we can call upon to help us in the kitchen and to serve your food. Most of our staff have worked many of our previous weddings and events.

Our early years

Farmer Markets

For the first few years we sold many of our home-made quiches, scotch eggs and pates in the lovely farmer markets in Kent & East Sussex. We learnt a lot and built up a great network of trusted local producers and farmers.

The positive feedback we received from our regular customers really gave us the encouragement to grow our business. Today we do more than farmers markets but our ethos remains the same – Good honest local food.

What’s growing?

Our garden

We grow many vegetables and flowers on our smallholding. Our nasturtiums are great for garnishing and making nasturtium butter. We also grow cosmos for our honesty stall and various herbs for our menus

Our flowers

We grow a selection of sun flowers and Cosmos flowers, which we offer for free to wedding couples and our customers.

We also grow a variety of edible flowers for our salads and food – from, violas, marigolds, roses, nasturtiums and courgette flowers.

Apple wine

During September the apple orchard is ready for harvesting. We use the apples to make apple wine which we drink and use for marinating the food.